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Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger Will Be Modeling For Playboy

Biography :
Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger known as Lizzie Jagger was born on Friday, March 02, 1984 in New York City, United States. She is the eldest  daughter of Mick Jagger and his erstwhile common-law wife Jerry Hall. Her siblings are James Leroy Augustin Jagger born in 1985, Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger born in 1992, and and Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger born in 1997, and her half-siblings are Karis Hunt Jagger born in 1970, Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger born in 1971, and and Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger born in 1999.

Her career started when she first worked in 1998 for Thierry Mugler having her mother as colleague. After she signed with her first agency, Ford Models, she started appearing more and more in the world of fashion. Now she is signed to three great agencies, 1 Model Management and IMG Models in New York and Beatrice Model in Milan, Italy. 

She also appeared in a campaign for Tommy Hilfiger with Alexandra and Theodora Richards, daughters of the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards. In 2001 she appeared in the documentary Being Mick as herself. Elizabeth was the face of Lancôme’s LCM cosmetics in September 2002. In 2005, she was chosen to represent the Spanish fashion chain Mango. She also appeared in the film Igby Goes Down.

According Daily Mail, Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger  has been announced that she will be modeling for Playboy in the UK.  There are rumors that 67 year old dad, Mick is not happy about it.  Elizabeth also had dated John Lennon's son, Sean, a few years back.  There  is talk that the couple are back together again, but we cannot confirm those reports.

Sir Mick Jagger was said to be less than amused after watching his youngest daughter peel off for a raunchy advertising campaign last month. In which case, the latest exploits of her big sister will hardly help the old man’s blood pressure.

Elizabeth Scarlet Jagger will appear naked in the June (11) issue of the publication. She will feature in the May edition weeks after her 19-year-old sister Georgia May stunned the fashion world by posing topless for a campaign to advertise the U.S. jeans company Hudson.

It shows her staring into the camera with her hair covering her breasts, in skimpy underwear and a matching garter belt. The publication will also be featuring a six-page nude pictorial.

In a teaser photo at the back on the current issue of the magazine, which features professional dancer Karina Smirnoff nude, sultry Jagger stares into the camera with her long curly hair covering her breasts. A preview image from the shoot appears at the back of the current issue above the words: ‘Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger – She’s half supermodel, half rock and roll royalty and 100 per cent smoking hot. The sultry beauty gives us satisfaction.’ 

Her appearance in the magazine, for a likely fee running into six figures, comes almost 26 years after her mother featured in a nude Playboy photo shoot at the age of 29.

Her father, who is the lead vocalist of rock band The Rolling Stones, had been angry when she made an appearance in a London Fashion Week show in 2004 at the age of 20 wearing a see-through top. He is also said to have been behind her decision to turn down a lucrative offer to pose for Playboy in 2005, when she was 21.

But she recently said she regretted the decision not to do the nude shoot. "I'm thinking I should do naked pictures before I have children. Still, if it's quite sexual, you do have to have boundaries," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

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Biography :
Sila Sahin was born 3 December 1985 in Berlin-Spandau.  She is  Turkish-German descent , the daughter of actor Zarif Zeki S,ahin in Berlin,  She's a beautiful woman and lives in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany. Her parents are from the Turkey and moslems.

Because her fathers is actor, she took an early age with his samples to the theater, where she gained her first impressions. Finally, she decided to go with 5 years of ballet lessons because her costumes of the dancers so well liked. She received 14 years, a classical ballet training. In elementary school she attended the theater group which she attended until the end of the school. She also participated in numerous ballet competitions where she also won some prizes. At 18, she worked as a model. In an internship at a talent agency, she got the opportunity for a role in a movie audition. Then other roles followed for television. They also continued to visit the dance school and take professional acting and singing lessons.

She made only a cosmetic training before going through a placement agency in a cast for acting came. A wider audience Sila S,ahin since 2009 known for her role as Ayla Özgül in the series "Good Times, Bad Times". S,ahin is in a relationship with her fellow actors Jörn Schlönvoigt.

As reported by the, She is dare to pose nude for the cover of men's magazine, Playboy Germany, May edition 2011, she is showing off the beauty of her body in 12 pages of Playboy.  Sila considers pose naked as a shining example of how a modern Muslim should behave in a multicultural culture. 

Artist who has starred in soap operas show 'Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten' (Good Times Bad Times) the role Ayla on German television, claiming that due to this reckless action she got a lot of insults from fans and family. "My mother is still angry, as well as grandparents, aunt and uncle." Sila said. Even his father is very worried if her daughter gets a bad reaction from Muslims.

Sila said the goal he did a photo shoot controversy was to show the attitude of a Muslim woman. Sila assume that a person freely choose a life in accordance with his decision alone. "I want my pictures shows how a young Turkish woman, and fine for my life in accordance with my choice." Sila said.

The model who was born on December 3, this also explains his feelings on the heat poses, "It feels like a Che Guevara".  Sahi also added that the naked photo is little to show freedom of expression.

In one photo controversy that made the cover of magazines, Sahin show off the right breast. While other intimate body parts covered with a sheet of thin white cloth.  In the picture it also, Sahin shows sensuality with long black hair reaching to the left neck and eyes staring at the camera.

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